Welcome to my web. I’ve been a part of the Internet since it became a part of me. Since before computers came from the shop ready for surfing. Since popping the jumpers on the hardware, installing socket files, adding that modem string and listening, until the song was just right, the connection established, and you were free to roam (albeit slowly)…

We have become so spoiled by technology, which exponentially generates all that we desire, and we must be careful not to forget how unique and special we each are… Technology should remain alert to us, a vast extension of our consciousness that does not replace the original design. We are the “computers” and the creations await your instructions.

Let us use technology wisely and for good. Discuss with someone disagreeable and train yourself to handle them gently. Find enrichment and education. Help someone to learn to bend technology to the will today. Learn something new. And learn some more. Humble yourself to all you can do here and respect your power and that of others, to simply be in real life.